When Giving Is Not What You Expected




Has this ever happened to you? It starts with a prayer…

“Ok, God. I’m ready to give! I’m ready to serve my community and my neighbors. So let’s get started! I bet you want me to help that single mom, don’t you? And that older lady with her dogs? And the young couple upstairs with two dogs and a baby on the way? Just let me know when and I’ll get started.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Days, weeks, and months go by. A seemingly unanswered, but intentional prayer is replaced by life’s responsibilities.

Then, something starts to happen.

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Rule of three

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I always hear people always say that things “come in threes.” Good things, bad things, other things. This week’s threesome is brought to some of us by hospitals in Atlanta, Irving, and Fort Worth. Atlanta, Georgia My grandmother’s hip replacement … Continue reading