Sell, Sell, Sell!

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The first time I became debt free, it was quite a feat. I paid off $20,000 about three months before I married into a car loan. Most of the process was tough and, for the most part, not fun. But honestly, I don’t remember much about the hardships.

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30 Seconds to May

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Last night I read a really interesting post by author Donald Miller called “How to Tell Your Story in 30 Seconds.” It’s about providing a CliffsNotes answer when someone says “tell me about yourself” or “what do you do.” It’s about doing it in such a way that you form a story, rather than a list of facts. I believe it also helps you add “why” to your “what.” More on that theory here.

So, without further ado, here’s my 30 Seconds to May:

My name is May Bohon. In 2010 God blessed my life by putting a mirror up to how horribly I handled the money He entrusted to me. Since then, I’ve fought my way out of debt, discovered joy in giving, lead personal finance classes and started taking steps towards working for Dave Ramsey so I can turn my passion into a career!

That was fun. :)

Your turn: What’s your 30-second story? What will it be 5 years from now?

Final thought: If you don’t conclude your story with an “!”, then is it really the story you want to tell?

Tip Time!


Happy Friday, friends!

I had a fun time with yesterday’s #StartExp assignment from Jon:

Day 18: Tip Time

One of the best things at the 5 club meetings we do in Nashville is the “Tip Time.” For a few minutes, I open the floor and folks shout out tips that have helped them along the way. Some people share apps. Some people share books. Some people share exercise ideas. It’s a “this worked for me” free for all. Today, I want you to share one tip you’ve had success with in the Facebook group.

I shared what first came to mind on the Facebook page and wanted to share them in the blogosphere as well! :) Continue reading

Wednesday: A perfect storm

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Hi friends!

I hope everyone is having a great week! :) Today is predicted to be a crazy good one for me because a “perfect storm” of an evening will begin once I get off work.

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My college debt used to be 10x this balance! Funny how the comma started on the other side of the 7. Ironic that the next payment is due on my birthday. I’ll be free of Sallie Mae before then! Happy … Continue reading

Mom deserves a DIY


Saturdays are great for running errands online.

Today I’ve been playing with my May Budget {yes, I think it’s fun :) } & have been looking for a great way to celebrate Mom on May 13th, two days before Dad’s birthday. She’s a gardening extraordinaire, so brunch at the oh-so-yummy Gardens Restaurant is in our future. It will be a fun way to eat up more than half of my Mother’s Day budget.

That being said, I want to find an affordable DIY Garden gift for Mom. This represents 2 things at which she excels: DIY & Gardening.

Pinterest is a great place to go for Mother’s Day ideas, so a pinning I will go!

So far this one is my fave: a fun planter & bird bath from Of course, I’ll have to get out of my PJ’s & into the really world to see if it’s financially doable. At first I was going to fill a basket with garden goodies, but I think she will love the thought & work behind this even more. :) It’s a small token of my appreciation for everything she does herself to be the best mom for me. ♥

Wish me luck!

What are your Mother’s Day ideas?


Success starts somewhere

We shouldn’t compare the start of our journey to the finish of someone else’s.

This is something I’ve learned over the last year and a half as I’ve been tackling my personal debt. You’re reading this in the middle of my journey as I’m just under $10,000 and started at $18,000 about 18 months ago. What an awesome, emotional ride it’s been!

This week I was blessed with the opportunity to interview with some awesome financial coaches about my successes and struggles on the road to #DebtFree. Check out the interview here!

Things I’ve learned now that I’m on the fun side of money management: Continue reading