We’re Not Lucky.

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Hi friends! I’ve noticed an interesting pattern ever since becoming debt free. When we speak of our accomplishments, the response “you’re so lucky” gets thrown out as if our success was completely random. Believe it or not, luck had nothing to do with it. It took blood, sweat and a lot of tears to get where we are today {ok, no blood, but that list sounds weird without it…but there were definitely tears}.

To clear up the confusion and put credibility back into our hard work, here are some of the things we did to earn our freedom: Continue reading


My small victory this week



{not to be confused with a Starbucks VIA}  ;)

Hi friends!

I wanted to share a small victory I had this week! After a loooong day at work, it was still raining outside, I was tired, hungry, a little cranky (still love you, #startexp & #5Club), and I still needed to get my hair cut that evening. In the battle of my mind, I fought with myself about getting something at the Starbucks so I could “make it through” the next hour or so. Continue reading