Fear Punch Friday: Puppy Love <3


If you follow me on Instagram, you already know about Dawn (AKA #instaDawn). She’s my… I mean, she’s our 6-year-old lab mix and this morning I’m taking her in for surgery. Continue reading


My New Favorite Song: Pilot Me by Josh Garrels


One of my new favorite songs as of late is Josh Garrels’ “Pilot Me.” I discovered it on the DREAMERS Playlist (formerly the Start Experiment Playlist) and was instantly hooked! Continue reading

Fear Punch Friday: Fear of What’s To Come

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 6.42.34 AM(via)

Have you ever been forced to wonder “what’s next?”

I mean, sure we all think about it from time to time, but there are certain points in our lives when we’ve intentionally had to wonder what God has planned for our next chapter.
But, sometimes that innocent wonder turns into nagging fear… Continue reading

Fear Punch Friday: Fear of Self

foggy road

Today’s Fear Punch Friday post has a little deeper than the ones before it. I hope I’ve organized these few ramblings enough to disguise them as planned-out thoughts. :)

One of the things I fear is being myself. I always wonder, “Will I be good enough? Will they love me, hate me or just ambiguously “like” me?” Truth be told, that third one is the worst.

Do I get in the way of my own self? Some times, yes.
But is that an opportunity to learn and grow? Always.
Am I still figuring our my strengths? Definitely.
Am I afraid to admit my weaknesses? …I plead the 5th.

“Just be yourself, May!” I hear this a lot, but fear tells me that “just myself” isn’t good enough. Truth says it is good enough because He formed me and created me for a specific purpose.

Eventually the fog in my head will clear and I’ll discover that purpose, but that comes with time, experience and trail-and-error. And trail-and-error. And trail-and-error.

Until then, I’ll just keep STARTing.

NEW SERIES: Fear Punch Friday!


Since beginning to read Jon Acuff’s START book and participating in The Start Experiment, I’ve learned to recognize when fear runs its dirty mouth inside my head.

It spits out nasty things like this: Continue reading

Our Church

Hi friends!

I hope you’re all having a nice Sunday morning! We received all of our wedding photos this week and I’m so excited to sort through them! The ones that are especially beautiful to me are those of our church, St. Paul Lutheran. We had minimal decorations for the ceremony (thanks, Mom!) so as to not take away from the architectural beauty of the building (as if that’s even possible).

Check out a few of my faves!

Rose_Chapel_Wedding_May_Jerod_Web_0189 Continue reading

Rule of three

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I always hear people always say that things “come in threes.” Good things, bad things, other things. This week’s threesome is brought to some of us by hospitals in Atlanta, Irving, and Fort Worth. Atlanta, Georgia My grandmother’s hip replacement … Continue reading