Not Everyone is a Victoria’s Secret Angel and That’s Ok



Last night the Twittersphere was in a tizzy about the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Inspired by my friend’s amazing post from last year, I’ve decided to share Tweets from last night that stood out to me the most. Take from them what you will and see below for my response.

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Now, I’m not hating on the lovely Victoria’s Secret models. Absolutely not. They have value and worth like the rest of us. I just don’t like it with we get caught in the comparison trap and hate on ourselves (myself included). #LoveYourself, y’all. I went on a mission to seek out people who were shaming themselves for not meeting Victoria’s Secret’s “standard” of beauty and let them know they’re beautiful too.

Here’s to praying these seeds of self-worth starts to grow. :)

 celeste 1celeste 2
linds 1linds 2
photo 7
photo 9  torri 1 torri 2
photo 10


So the next time you compare yourself, stop and remember that YOU were made beautiful. YOU are worthy. There is no other you like YOU. Use your mirror for life, not for death. And when you truly start to believe in your beauty, take care of your neighbor too.

Quesiton: What did you think of social media’s reaction to the show?


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