Fear Punch Friday: Puppy Love <3


If you follow me on Instagram, you already know about Dawn (AKA #instaDawn). She’s my… I mean, she’s our 6-year-old lab mix and this morning I’m taking her in for surgery.

She has a teeny tiny mast cell tumor that needs to be removed. It was discovered when I took her in to have the fatty lump next to it examined. As it turns out, the fatty lump is harmless and can stay put. Isn’t that how these things happen? You go in for a cough and find something more? She’s my “lil girl” so of course I fear the worst (I found her when she was less than a month old!).

I know God’s got this under control, so it’s ok if I worry a little bit…right? Perhaps not. That’s not how faith works! I must have it and know that today is not up to me, whether I like it or not. Dawn will be in wonderfully caring hands! My mom has used this vet for many years and many of his clients are long-term. So take that sucker-punch, fear! :)

Thanks to everyone who has been checking on Dawn since we discovered the tumor. We appreciate your prayers for our four-legged family member and will keep you posted on her surgery! :)


3 thoughts on “Fear Punch Friday: Puppy Love <3

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