My New Favorite Song: Pilot Me by Josh Garrels


One of my new favorite songs as of late is Josh Garrels’ “Pilot Me.” I discovered it on the DREAMERS Playlist (formerly the Start Experiment Playlist) and was instantly hooked!

I’m at a place in my life right now where I need to lean on God and follow His lead (this is actually something I should be doing all the time, not just when I feel like it). This song helps me stay on track with being intentional about listening for and responding to what God wants me to do next.

Follow along with the lyrics below. You may be surprised how much they speak to you!

Pilot Me

I will arise and follow you over
Savior please, pilot me

Over the waves and through every sorrow
Savior please, pilot me

When I have no more strength left to follow
Fall on my knees, pilot me

May your sun rise and lead me on
Over the sea’s, savior pilot me

O’ Lord



This acoustic version is really great, too :)

Click here to buy the single (or the entire album; its amazing!).

What’s your theme song right now? Share it in the comments below! Then follow me and add it to the DREAMERS Playlist! :)


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