Notes from START Conference


A few weeks ago I was gifted a trip to START Conference. There were more speakers than the three I listed below. Admittedly, sometimes I stopped writing so I could just listen and soak up the wisdom. The ones in bold are my fave. :)

John Crist – Comedian

  • Risk something for your dream
  • Risk time
  • Risk rejection
  • Set goals like “Write for 200 hours in 1 year”
  • Keep track of your progress. Use a Work : Success chart
  • Stop making career choices based on negative feedback
  • Be responsible with the gifts and talents you’ve been given
  • People can believe in you if you believe in you
  • Pay for Disney World with money made from doing your dream
  • Carry failure only until your next attempt

Dana Tanamachi – Chalk Artist

I was so amazed by her art that I only wrote down one thing! Oops…

  • Put courage into other people: Encourage

Here’s an awesome video of Dana’s art:

Jon Acuff – Author/Speaker

  • Embrace invisibility. Make mistakes when no one is watching.
  • Give your family the best of your time, not the rest of your time.
  • Write down your voices of fear
  • Identify the usual suspects: 5 fears that like to play dress-up
  • refute them with truth
  • Share your voices of fear
  • Courage comes before clarity
  • Embrace the fuzzy future
  • What do you want to do?
  • Who is already doing it?
  • What would you be doing if you were them?
  • What could you be doing right now?
  • Make lore decisions.
  • We love blaming bad ideas on God
  • Chasing your dream doesn’t always look smart
  • Nobody owes you a career. Nobody owes you a dream
  • “Get into the right zone.” – Marshall Goldsmith
  • Learning empties you and fills you at the same time
  • Mastering is about delighting the people who love what you do
  • Often, going the extra mile just means traveling 3ft
  • Trader Joe’s hides a stuffed animal in their stores. Find it, tell the manager and get a piece of candy.
  • Zappo’s sends dog treats if they hear a dog barking in the background
  • Read Instant Influence by Michael Pantalon
  • Why do you want to do it?
  • Why would you like to do it?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how much do you want to do it?
  • Why didn’t you pick a lower number?
  • Every good dream is made of small ideas
  • “Creativity is a wild mine and a disciplined eye.” – Dorothy Parker
  • Have an Idea Budget!
  • Toodle Doo iPhone App
  • Gingerbread Method: Trail back to idea, take notes
  • You need a brand to break through the clutter
  • Brand is what other people say about you
  • Tweet your dream
  • What words do you want to own? Integrity, honestly, witty, smart
  • Who are you not? Boring, rude, dumb
  • Today is the smallest social media will ever be.
  • The worst place you can put your spouse is on the opposite side of your dream.
  • WOW spouse: Always give a wow disclaimer.
  • HOW spouse: Give two weeks of WOW to your WOW spouse.
  • Be the support you wish you had.
  • Time = Love // Give it
  • If no one tells the Truth, eventually your dream becomes a lie.
  • Dreaming always leads to selflessness, not selfishness.
  • Beware of the comparison trap. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.
  • Feedback’s goal is to create improvement. Hate’s goal is to destroy.
  • To the haters: Say, “You’ve been an amazing cancer to me and I’m about to go into remission.”
  • Don’t be a jerk. Repeat as necessary.
  • Don’t try to turn people who hate you into people who like you. Turn people who like your dream into people who love your dream.
  • Honesty is more important than talent right now.
  • Go first. Give someone the gift of going second.
  • Awkward opens the door to vulnerability.
  • Have ideas to share, the ability to share them and an audience to share them with.

Jon’s Social Media Test

  1. Pick your spots wisely. Go where conversation is already happening.
  2. You must surprise brocha (sp?). Your brain hates new ideas. Surprise opens hearts. Shocks open minds.
  3. Honor unwritten social contract. Tweet content more than your promo your blog.
  4. Don’t believe in the “all or nothing” lie.
  5. Do not stop. Make a dip so deep that it’s hard for competitors to follow.
  6. Find creative ways to grow your platform.
  7. Spend more time practicing your craft than promoting it.
  8. Don’t guess what your audience wants. Ask them.

Ok, that’s a wrap!! Did any of these stick out to you? What would you add?


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