START Conference 2013: #alltheAwesomeness


Ooh man. START Conference officially wrapped up four nights ago and I’m still recovering! Let’s just say that 5 Club this week has not been pretty… :)

These are only 1% the memories made with Start Experiment friends…

  • Not hearing my alarm and waking up 2 hours late
  • Reading an “I’m at the airport!” text from Malori as I woke up
  • Casey stalling our flight because he’s awesome
  • Malori waiting for me so we could run to the gate together <3
  • Arriving at the gate 1 minute passed “last call”
  • Looking back to see a man walking into the plane behind me (YES! Totes his fault, right?)
  • Casey wearing headphones on the flights as if Malori and I were his daughters. We swiftly remedied that.
  • Meeting fellow Generosity Project Scholarship winners!!
  • Tennessee’s beautiful weather
  • Writing our fears on a punching bag then PUNCHING & KICKING them outta here!
  • Breaking the typewriter…….
  • Riding in the rental car with all the windows down
  • Rob filming an epic intro video in our rental car only to realize his phone was backwards
  • Taco Bell at 12:00am
  • Driving by Financial Peace Plaza after Taco Bell (squeeee!)
  • A pint of ice cream at 1:00am (not mine, I swears it!)
  • Casey punching his fear of rotating hotel doors
  • The Shane Face
  • Running up to David Dollar to say hi then realizing it wasn’t him…
  • Finding and hugging David Dollar so well that my glasses almost break (go team #STARTelves!).
  • Tennessee’s beautiful weather
  • Jon Acuff recognizing me (win!)
  • Hugging Libby Norcross
  • Karen’s cookies for everyone in the #StartExp Lab
  • Walking off with several of those cookies, awkwardly running into Karen and thanking her for “my bag”
  • Doing a video interview with the Senior Video Producer of The Dave Ramsey Show and talking about all things START
  • Tearing up during that interview
  • Hot Pockets with Shane and Ryan ;)
  • Missing Emily Carlton and Ronne Rock and #alltheSTARTers who would not be there
  • Representin’ #G39! (fo life)
  • Meeting Jenny Acuff and discovering she’s the reason for Jon Acuff’s success (Proverbs 31)
  • Malori being an awesome iPhone photographer and videographer
  • The peaceful presence of Tammy Helfrich
  • The Acuff girls making and selling awesome START swag!
  • Rocking my L.E. Band
  • Amy Campbell screaming my name and yelling to friends a few feet away, “THIS is May BOHOOOONNNNN!!!!”
  • Playing staircase in front of the Dave Ramsey LIVE team’s wall setup
  • My heart almost exploding each time I met a START Experiment member in person
  • Not being able to stay in one spot because of all the START squirrels!
  • Making smiley faces with ketchup on Chick-fil-A tater tots (#ofcourse)
  • The awesome DJ
  • Meeting awesome Lampo Group team members
  • Casey and Malori being awesome travel buddies, especially when my “only child” was showing…
  • Tennessee’s beautiful weather
  • The Courtyard Crew
  • Raising hands about the voices we fear
  • Melissa Hawks beginning the healing process of an emotional wound only she knows I have
  • Auto-correct changing my text from “totally” to “orally”
  • All the right business cards :)
  • Crying while wathcing Jeremy Cowart‘s powerful photos of forgiveness
  • START hangover from #allthetalks, #allthetears, #allthehugs, #allthelove
  • Jerod lovingly listening to my never-ending recap :)

Truth be told, I miss my Start Experiment friends dearly. I equate the emotions I felt after the conference to the ones I felt after my wedding reception (happy 4 months today, sweety!). I miss everyone I met and am sad that I didn’t get to meet more. The “reentry” back into life on Monday was a tough one. I feel like I met 150 of my best friends and now we’re apart (total attendance was actually 600!).

But really, it wasn’t a conference. It was a reunion with people I feel like I’ve known for years. <3

However, if I’m going to make it to StartConf 2014, I have to turn this sadness into gladness and use it as momentum for the next 56 weeks. I love and miss everyone, but know I’ll see you again soon!

START Conference attendees, what would you add to this list? :)

*Confession: I’ve added to this list at least 5 times since I first clicked “Schedule.”


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