You know you’re in 5 Club when…


I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a morning person. I want to snooze later than possible or I’ll get grumpy, whiny and take on other characteristics of a zombie (yep, zombies need sleep, too)!

However, it’s been my experience that waking up at 5:00am to work on my dreams isn’t totally horrible! :) Once I go bottoms up on my coffee, my tired eyes start to sparkle. The result is awesomeness and a few things I have trouble explaining to my friends…

If you’re in 5 Club, you’ve probably experienced the following:

  1. You make coffee without a filter
  2. You eat breakfast at 5:15am. Then again at 7:30am. Then snack at 11:00am.
  3. Bags under your eyes look trendy!
  4. So do pony tails. Every day.
  5. You wash, rinse, repeat.
  6. Then repeat again because you don’t remember what just happened.
  7. It’s so early, even your dog goes back to bed
  8. You use spray starch instead of static guard
  9. You have trouble explaining that 5 Club is not an actual place
  10. You don’t grab a coffee the millisecond you get to work. You’re already two cups ahead! (Weeee!)
  11. Your first power nap wants to start at 10:00am
  12. But you have to wait until 12:00pm
  13. Then fight it again at 4:00pm
  14. And, let’s face it. We all know 5:00pm is just a big tease.
  15. You look forward to going to bed during single digit hours
  16. You discover other crazies who wake up and do awesome, too!
  17. You refer to those crazies as “we” ♥

Want to be a fellow 5 Clubber? Get to bed early. Then come on over! :)

Does this list sound familiar? Add to it in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “You know you’re in 5 Club when…

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  2. glad to have met you at #StartDFW #neighborstable. You’re inspiring me to really push through and follow the dreams by making them reality. If that means getting up earlier – then that’s what I’ve gotta do. Cheers!

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