2 Movies I Never Saw Coming


This past Labor Day Weekend was spent doing as little laboring as possible! I house sat some more for our #debtfreeXmas goal and took extra care of the family’s pool.

I also saw two really great movies with my husband. They’re the kind of movies that take you through character struggles, heartaches, growth and triumphs then leave you wondering “what happened next?” They make you want to jump out of your seat and start something awesome the moment the credits start rolling. I don’t think they had a ton of marketing behind them, but then again, we don’t attend movies that often and we don’t watch live TV or cable (we’re weirdies).

The first movie is a recommendation from writer Jon Acuff. It’s called “The Way Way Back” and I may or may not have just teared up again watching the trailer…

It hit me where it hurt because I was that awkward child who constantly got teased. There were no hurtful adults in my childhood, but words hurt no matter who said them. Expect to cry and be ok with it. :) Also expect to hate the words “bud” and “buddy” by the end of it.

“The Way Way Back” has been in theaters for a while, but it’s totally worth seeing in the next town if you have to.

The second movie is one that previewed during the first and is, coincidentally, already on Netflix Instant. That’s bad for the movie, but good for us. It’s called “Safety Not Guaranteed.”

I really enjoyed this movie because there’s a little bit of each character in all of us.

The crazy one with an idea that no one believes could actually work.
The sad one with past that’s made them afraid of good in the world.
The successful one overcompensating for having been an ugly duckling in high school.
And the nerdy one who would rather play it safe than explore something scary and new.

Now go see these movies and share them with others! They’re very well-written, are different and offer hope in the unique forms of a water park and a time machine. :)

What’s your favorite inspirational movie? Share it in the comments below! :)


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