Notes from START Conference


A few weeks ago I was gifted a trip to START Conference. There were more speakers than the three I listed below. Admittedly, sometimes I stopped writing so I could just listen and soak up the wisdom. The ones in bold are my fave. :) Continue reading


Fear Punch Friday: Fear of Self

foggy road

Today’s Fear Punch Friday post has a little deeper than the ones before it. I hope I’ve organized these few ramblings enough to disguise them as planned-out thoughts. :)

One of the things I fear is being myself. I always wonder, “Will I be good enough? Will they love me, hate me or just ambiguously “like” me?” Truth be told, that third one is the worst.

Do I get in the way of my own self? Some times, yes.
But is that an opportunity to learn and grow? Always.
Am I still figuring our my strengths? Definitely.
Am I afraid to admit my weaknesses? …I plead the 5th.

“Just be yourself, May!” I hear this a lot, but fear tells me that “just myself” isn’t good enough. Truth says it is good enough because He formed me and created me for a specific purpose.

Eventually the fog in my head will clear and I’ll discover that purpose, but that comes with time, experience and trail-and-error. And trail-and-error. And trail-and-error.

Until then, I’ll just keep STARTing.

START Conference 2013: #alltheAwesomeness


Ooh man. START Conference officially wrapped up four nights ago and I’m still recovering! Let’s just say that 5 Club this week has not been pretty… :)

These are only 1% the memories made with Start Experiment friends…

  • Not hearing my alarm and waking up 2 hours late
  • Reading an “I’m at the airport!” text from Malori as I woke up
  • Casey stalling our flight because he’s awesome
  • Malori waiting for me so we could run to the gate together <3
  • Arriving at the gate 1 minute passed “last call” Continue reading


Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 6.23.42 AM

I’d like to say that I’ve never known the power of community until now, but that’s probably not true. However, all experiences before The Start Experiment have been blocked in my mind thanks to all the awesomeness that’s happened. Continue reading



Good morning, friends! I owed you a Fear Punch Friday post last week that did not happen. And for that, I apologize. Thank you, Life, and all the craziness you bring. :)

Isn’t it ironic, though, that I feared the consequences of NOT having posted for Fear Punch Friday? Maybe I was just testing myself…or you…or not really. Continue reading

You know you’re in 5 Club when…


I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a morning person. I want to snooze later than possible or I’ll get grumpy, whiny and take on other characteristics of a zombie (yep, zombies need sleep, too)!

However, it’s been my experience that waking up at 5:00am to work on my dreams isn’t totally horrible! :) Once I go bottoms up on my coffee, my tired eyes start to sparkle. The result is awesomeness and a few things I have trouble explaining to my friends… Continue reading

2 Movies I Never Saw Coming


This past Labor Day Weekend was spent doing as little laboring as possible! I house sat some more for our #debtfreeXmas goal and took extra care of the family’s pool.

I also saw two really great movies with my husband. They’re the kind of movies that take you through character struggles, heartaches, growth and triumphs then leave you wondering “what happened next?” They make you want to jump out of your seat and start something awesome the moment the credits start rolling. I don’t think they had a ton of marketing behind them, but then again, we don’t attend movies that often and we don’t watch live TV or cable (we’re weirdies). Continue reading