Be Audaciously Awesome

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Hello, friends!

The Start Experiment, Round 2 officially began 4 days ago and what an adventure it’s already been! The theme for us #startalum from Round 1 is “Audacious.” That looks like a fun fancy word, but what does it mean?


intrepidly daring : adventurous
recklessly bold : rash
contemptuous of law, religion, or decorum : insolent
marked by originality and verve

Sweet! Look at all those fun things I get permission to be! So, after speaking with my husband, I realized that one of the goals of our marriage is really audacious :::

We want to pay for our first house with 100% cash.

Eek! There it is…our goal. All exposed, hands on its hips as if saying to the world saying “I’m here to stay and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it.”

Now, this goal isn’t for bragging rights. It’s for momentum. The kind of momentum that has a ripple effect for the rest of our family’s lives. It says “what’s next?” instead of “remember that thing you did 10 years ago that you’re literally still paying for?”

No payments means our income isn’t spoken for before it even hits our bank account.Β  We can save for taxes, instead of scramble at the end of the year.

No payments means if we just paid $100k for a home, we’ll be more emotionally tied to it (money has that affect). We’ll care more about nicks in the wall and scratches on the floor.

No payments means if (when) something breaks on move-in day, we’ll have the cash to fix it.

No payments means we can start saving for the next one. And increase retirement funds. And give more money away. And use the home as a tool for God’s Kingdom. And assure that it’s a blessing, not a burden.

No payments means freedom! Freedom from the bank and freedom to do whatever we want with our money!

There’s nothing wrong with a mortgage. In fact, it’s the only debt that Uncle Dave approves (within reason)! But we feel this goal is just scary enough to be awesome.

Mike and Christy would agree, too. Check out their story here!

QUESTION: What’s your audacious goal? What are you daring to do to make a more awesome you?


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