Pet Sitting: Week 1

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that last week I had the opportunity to take care of 3 dogs, 1 cat and 7-ish fish. As an animal lover, watching fur babies for extra money is a no-brainer! It’s kind of like going on a stay-cation with pay (win/win).

Below is a rundown of the entertainment:


Scooter: German Shepard/Rottweiler/Blue Heller mix
Scooter is the biggest and the sweetest of the bunch. He was afraid of me for about 1 day then decided I’m not scary after all (secret’s out!). Scary is what happens if you go near his food. Point taken, Scoot. He’s a lover of his little siblings and the water hose, and is an excellent alarm system.


Snookee: Brindle Chihuahua
This little cutie is the ‘only child’ of the bunch. He lovingly followed me everywhere and fought Scooter for my attention. Sometimes I think his name is actually “Sneakee” because he jumps on the forbidden couch, runs to every food bowl that’s not his and gives that “wasn’t me” look each time. He is also super jealous (see below)!


Simon: Salt & Pepper Chihuahua
Simon is the sweet bipolar one of the bunch. I can’t really blame him. He’s old, losing his eye sight and has 2 annoying siblings. He growled at me from under the forbidden couch for most of the week. Eventually, he realized I was his only source of food and potty time, so he reluctantly  participated in both. Every now and then he’d get brave, run out to greet me, then get scared because I did what he asked… The last day he finally came out and played with me! I spent a good 10-minutes sweet-talking Simon before I returned home. His quirkiness makes him my favorite! Let’s see if he remembers our time together when I return in a few weeks.


Subway: Cat
This handsome fella knows he’s cool, calm and collective and won’t let you forget it. He’s named after the location from which his family rescued him. As a quiet lover of life, his nocturnal habits send him outside at night and bring him inside during the day. Not being a fan of the dogs, Subway has his own side of the house (with the fish, ironically). He was fun to hang out with 99.9% of the time (hey, no one’s perfect).


Except these guys. They’re perfect. They’re quiet, they don’t fight, they mind their business and when it comes to food, a little dab will do ’em. They’re also camera shy. Actually, they’re not good cuddlers so I retract their perfectness.

That was Week 1 of pet sitting! This week I’ll be at a different house with a totally different 4-legged roomie. More on that soon. :)

Do you pet sit? What’s your favorite thing to do for extra money?


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