Tip Time!


Happy Friday, friends!

I had a fun time with yesterday’s #StartExp assignment from Jon:

Day 18: Tip Time

One of the best things at the 5 club meetings we do in Nashville is the “Tip Time.” For a few minutes, I open the floor and folks shout out tips that have helped them along the way. Some people share apps. Some people share books. Some people share exercise ideas. It’s a “this worked for me” free for all. Today, I want you to share one tip you’ve had success with in the Facebook group.

I shared what first came to mind on the Facebook page and wanted to share them in the blogosphere as well! :)

  1. COMMUNICATION is key. Set expectations with spouses, business partners and anyone else in your life and ask the same of them (more on that here).
  2. GRACE is necessary. Give it at every opportunity without enabling the situation or person. The Start Experiment is new to everyone involved (including Jon) so be patient with him, with others and with yourself, too. I’m not getting everything exactly right, but that’s why this thing is called a process! Also be open to accepting grace, especially from our Father above.
  3. Finally, in the words of Uncle Dave, DON’T celebrate a $300 raise with a $400 car payment. ;)

What tips can you share with me?


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