UPDATE: Debt Free Christmas


Hi friends!

I have an exciting update for you regarding our Debt Free Christmas goal! But first, here’s the back story.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been completely torn about attending Jon Acuff’s super awesome and amazing START Conference while still tackling our debt. My internal struggle went something like this:

“It’s just a few days before my 30th birthday. YOLO!”
“No, no. We already decided that house-sitting money was for the Debt Snowball.”
“But, we could totally cash-flow the trip.”
“All my cool StartExp friends will be there. I’ll be the only one left behind.”
“Is this a want or a need? Yes.”
“I did ask Jon in person if we should pause our Debt Snowball for Start Conference.”
“He did say Dave would very scarily say no (eek).”

“But why not?”

Here’s why not. Remember that post? Yes, that’s a goal we committed to before the Start Experiment began. Before our marriage began. Even before our engagement: To live life Debt Free! How could we possibly move forward while dragging the chains of debt behind us?

There are many different ways I could attend, but none of them are under $100 (a price that wouldn’t break our Debt Snowball). Jerod and I sat down to do our August budget again so we could figure everything out on paper before tomorrow. We looked passed August and discovered that if we stayed on track and there were no emergencies, we would be debt free by early November. Wait. What?! Hello, Turkey!

This discovery was way more enjoyable than arguing with myself about attending the conference! It’s helping me fight FOMO and gives me the opportunity to pre-plan our debt free scream trip to Financial Peace Plaza (hello, FPP + Christmas time = Most wonderful time of the year for this budget Nerd!).

I’m so excited for our marriage! We’re setting goals together, making decisions together, sacrificing together, and winning together. I can’t wait for the next update!

What updates do you have for your goals? Share them below!


8 thoughts on “UPDATE: Debt Free Christmas

  1. First, congrats on your decision, a tough one I know. Second, you are an excellent writer May! You made this interesting and entertaining for me to read, something not easy to do (it’s finances and budgeting for goodness sake).You’ve got a real talent here. I hope you continue to pursue it.

  2. How exciting! I think we are still 7 years away from Freedom. The only thing that really keeps me motivated is hearing how near others are! Congrats on getting it done early! ~~ Budget Nerds Unite!

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