Dance Dance Party


Hello, everyone!

A really cool thing happened this weekend. One of our #StartExp assignments was this:

Day 13: Build Your Soundtrack

Every dream needs a soundtrack. Today’s task is to share one song that is one yours in the Facebook group. Love techno? Have an unknown indie song that gets you up in the morning? Share it using #StartExp!

Suddenly, there was an explosion of posts with awesome songs for everyone to scroll through. I thought, “We have got to get all of these in one place!” That’s when the START Experiment Spotify playlist was born! It’s a collaborative playlist which means anyone who follows it can add to it. It grew from 33 songs to over 400 songs in a little over a 24 hours. Wowza.

For me, it’s been a great way to discover new and old music (read: Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill, acoustic version!). It’s also been fun to see who adds to it and how often they do. A special thanks to Shane, Anne, Brandon, and Jon Acuff for adding lots of awesomeness to it!

More importantly, it serves a bigger purpose of adding another arm to our encouraging community so fear can’t prevail.

The playlist has 58 followers. We’re jammin’, dreamin’, dancin’, writin’, motivatin’, creatin’, and livin’ life to our own soundtrack. Won’t you join us? The party starts at 5:00am. Don’t be late.


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