START Week 1: Recap & Reevaluation


Last week was a great Week 1 of START! Here’s a recap of what happened:

I blogged most days, swam 3x and registered for the creative class for my blog.

Our group elected me as leader and I’m really excited to be in direct contact with someone at The Lampo Group (read: nerd-out). My main responsibility will be to gather and send her weekly updates about our group’s progress. Side note: Everyone’s progress emails last week were humbling and motivating at the same time. Our team is doing awesome things (starting businesses, getting financially and physically fit, starting blogs, changing jobs, conquering fears)!! It was very similar to the feelings I get when reading prayer requests from FPU class members.

I also had a fun, impromptu video-hangout with Bethany, one of our group members. It was fun to take a peek into her world, learn about her hopes, her dreams, and meet her cuuuute little siblings!

I checked a few daily START assignments off my list and want to keep working on a few more.

5 Club welcomed me every week day and I slowly, but painfully started learning the value of time management. I can put a name to every dollar on our budget, but give me 2 extra hours in the morning and I can’t tell you how I wasted them. I’m pretty sure this is what I did: read/replied to/created Facebook posts, read other START members’ blogs, looked at our wedding photos, then thought about blogging).

A lot got done last week, but it wasn’t everything I planned. Looking back, I noticed that I didn’t blog on the days I swam. This frustrated me because Fear told me I had to blog every day because that’s what I promised. Fear said everyone noticed when I didn’t post and they were keeping track. Fear said my risks had to be perfect and concrete. Fear said if I change my plans, people will mock me, call me a quitter and I’d be a bad group leader. Fear didn’t care that I was mentally and physically tired. Fear was a jerk.

Luckily, I have a few things to fight Fear:

God gives me His grace. He tells me He loves me, no matter my failures or my fears. Honestly, without my fears, how else would I experience that grace?

Jerod gives me his wisdom that ceases to amaze me. Yesterday he said it’s ok to change my plans as long as the change moves me forward. He said that no business plan ever stays the same and that in order to grow, I must adapt.

I also have a great support group of STARTers who are going through the exact same thing. This community is excited together, scared together, laughing together, crying together, and moving from average to awesome together!

That being said, I’m going to only blog on days I don’t swim. This will ease the pressure and give me more time to work on other goals like finishing START, catching up with my group members, and putting more energy into daily START assignments.

I’m excited and look forward to week 2! :)

What did you learn last week?

What changes are you making so you can keep moving forward?


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