My small victory this week



{not to be confused with a Starbucks VIA}  ;)

Hi friends!

I wanted to share a small victory I had this week! After a loooong day at work, it was still raining outside, I was tired, hungry, a little cranky (still love you, #startexp & #5Club), and I still needed to get my hair cut that evening. In the battle of my mind, I fought with myself about getting something at the Starbucks so I could “make it through” the next hour or so.

“You deserve a smooth, warm chai tea latte.”

“Just get it. It’s only $3.”

“Get a sandwich, too. That’s only $6 more. You won’t have to make dinner.”

“You have the cash. Just do it.”

That last voice is always the most difficult one to fight. I’m great at budgeting, but I’m also great at sailing through my blow money. I realized that the money I would spend on instant gratification could not be spent on anything else (specifically, a tip for my fabulous hair girl). When I realized that that my selfishness could take away from some extra well-deserved cash in someone else’s pocket, I quickly put those pesky voices in my head to rest. I grabbed my almonds + Craisins snack and headed out the door!

The best part of this story is that when I arrived at the salon, they had free coffee and only one Styrofoam cup left, screaming “Drink me, Maaaaaaay. I’m freeeeee!” :)

I also had one of the best hangout sessions with my hair girl and received a refreshing haircut in the process.

Remember, small victories have powerful momentum! They’re like bricks. You can’t build a house of awesome without them. :)

What small victories did you have this week?


7 thoughts on “My small victory this week

  1. That’s awesome! My small victory is that I have exercised for 25 minutes everyday. As in, I made a point to schedule that time in my morning. I would so rather have that extra 25 minutes to sleep.

  2. May that’s great! It’s so true, all those small victories and self discipline truly do make a difference. Something so simple as forgoing a cup of coffee or choosing to get up earlier can change our lives for the better. That little act of self discipline was an inspiration for me. Thanks for writing this!

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