Beware the beauty

Yesterday was my first morning back in the pool. It was beautiful! It felt great to jump back in the water (I used to tiptoe in. Very non-adult-like.). I swam my heart out until I could swim no more and felt those glorious 10 minutes for the rest of my day! I loved feeling that first slow-mo swan dive and the first sprint down the lane.

But, let’s be honest about what really happened yesterday…


That beautiful pool got me. She seduced me into thinking she was on my side. Her curvy waves teased me, saying “Come on in. The water’s fine.” She whispered softly saying she’d caress me and carry me down her lengthy lanes. We had a relationship built on trust, so I took a chance.

Instead, her water was cold. It was that “cold in places I shouldn’t be ” kind of cold. She fought me all the way, kicking and screaming (or was that me?). She took my breath away, shoved me down, made me think I could actually drown in 4 feet of water, bruised me, chewed me up, and graciously spit me back out, saying, “Come back. I miss you.”

What the heck was I thinking? It was 5:25am, I was one of two people there (hint?), I was cold, out of breath, hungry and really wanting to just quit. Despite the “fear” voices in my head, I’m returning to that beautiful beast tomorrow morning. She can be tamed. It will just take a few more fights before she realizes we’re in this together. She’ll remain stubborn and cold, but I really don’t care. We have a long-term relationship now.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 9.36.04 AM

What goals have you been fighting for this week?

*Dedicated to my swimmingly awesome friends, Brenna & Marcus :)


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