START in the Park

Hello & Happy Saturday!

This month has been quite an adventure for me! Two weeks ago, author Jon Acuff posted an ambiguously exciting message on his blog. It said something to the affect of “Adventurers wanted. 24 people. 24 days. Success attainable. Risk guaranteed.” and requested contact information from those who wanted to join.

The post was to be removed in 24-hours, Mission Impossible-style. BOOM.

So, I acted fast and emailed Jon with my contact info and a photo of us at a conference (sell, sell sell! right?). A few days later, I received an email invite to the private Facebook group called ‘The Start Experiment’ and waited to receive our marching orders. The group is based on Jon’s newest book, START in which he teaches us how to punch fear in the face, do work that matters and move our lives from average to awesome.

As a group we waited, and waited, and talked about waiting, and wondered about waiting. Then, 2,600 people later, we received more info. We were to complete a survey asking what we wanted to risk in the next 24 days, staring July 15. My risks are 1. blogging daily, 2. swimming 3x a week and 3. signing up for a creative class to enhance my blog. From there, we were going to be divided into groups of 24 and assigned a partner based on either our passion or location {our choice}. I chose ‘passion’ since sub-groups naturally formed, one of which was ‘START-DFW.’ I also joined START-Writers and START-FPU {<– oh man. I am sooo excited to connect with more Financial Peace University people!!}.

Members in the 24-person groups will share encouragement and report on things what they did each week to take those risks. Risk partners will send motivation to each other. Sweet!

I’m now a part of this amazing community! It’s filled with adventure-seekers who are turning their dreams into actions. It’s addicting for all the right reasons and I can’t get enough! The people I’ve met are crazy awesome and excited to be here, too!

I look forward to keeping you updated on my risks and people I meet on this adventure! For now, this is a summary of how I feel:

What are you risking & how have you already felt that move to awesome?

*** 7.16.13 I forgot to mention that Jon will be sending us daily tasks throughout this 24-day period. They will create more accountability within our groups/partnerships thus adding more awesomesauce to the mix! Get excited! :)


8 thoughts on “START.

  1. I’ve been surprised with the community the STARTexp has created. It’s been awesome so far & looking forward to seeing what develops in the next couple of weeks!

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