Dawn in the morning.

dawnmorningIsn’t she cute? Yes, she sleeps naked {sans collar}. Don’t judge.

10 reasons why my dog, Dawn, is an excellent #5club morning companion:

  1. She’s a morning person {yes, I said it}: Sometimes slow to wake up, but very bouncy & excited to see me once she does.
  2. We share the same love for breakfast.
  3. She sits by the couch when I write, proudly supporting the art {that is what she’s doing, right?}.
  4. Or she lays directly on my feet, like a cuddly warm blanket that makes me want to crawl back into bed.
  5. She’s cute.
  6. She let’s me give her some lovin’ when she’s about to fall back asleep {I mean, a girl can only wait so long for breakfast}.
  7. She loves lounging on the porch with me on weekends.
  8. She exemplifies morning “game face” when she barks at apartment folks leaving for work {sorry for the noise, neighb’s}.
  9. She’s my cheerleader when I leave for work. My guilt says she thinks it means she’s going with me… I wish!
  10. She’s an excellent inspiration for a blog post. :)

Do you have any morning companions? Share them in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Dawn in the morning.

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