I’m not a morning person.


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“I’m not a morning person.” These are words I’ve chosen to live by for most of my life. I like my warm bed, the cold fan & that feeling of falling asleep after every drum solo on the Snooze button. So far, I’ve accomplished 0 things in 29 years with this approach.

This week, I decided to change {yes, it is a choice!}. Thanks to Jon Acuff’s START & his 5 Club App, today is day #2 of waking up at 5:00am to work on “me” via blogging, swimming & learning new skills.

So far, I’ve accomplished meeting some insanely awesome people & am addicted to their motivation. Oh, and I’ve written 1 blog post. :)

Good morning, Morning. You’re all mine.


20 thoughts on “I’m not a morning person.

  1. I feel the same way. I’m SO not a morning person, but both teaching and my summer job at a coffeehouse requires a 5:30 wakeup. I actually enjoy being the only person up that early now. Except…I’m still a total night owl and can’t go to bed before midnight. I guess this is why naps were invented. :)

  2. Good for you getting up at 5 AM! I told my hubby last night that my plan was to wake up at 5 today, but I failed pretty bad. There’s always tomorrow though. Keep it up.
    – Fellow STARTEXP friend, Kimberly

    • I completely understand! Last week I started waking up at 5:30am. This week I went straight to 4:50am because I’m pretty sure that waking up 2 hours earlier than my hubbs means I’m only allowed 1 Snooze :) Thanks!

    • Thank you! Same to you!! I imagine I would have made my mom waaaay less annoyed with me had I chosen 5:00am in my high school years :) Hope your workouts go well! I plan on swimming 3 mornings a week during this time as well. Go Team START! :)

  3. Love it! I went to Haiti 2 years ago on a mission trip and was surprised (really and truly) at how “up and at ’em” I could be when I was traveling with Christian group and wanting to be on my best behavior. ha! ;-) That’s when I learned that it is indeed a choice for me to become a morning person and choose a better attitude when starting my day. Never been the same, since!

    • That’s great, Michelle! I’ve noticed that intentionally waking up makes me less of a zombie than resisting to wake up later in the morning. Funny how that works out. Have you been on any mission trips since? Thanks! :)

  4. Awesome, May! So proud of you! I am a complete failure at the 5 am thing. I have 3 kids and like to have alone time with my hubby when they go to bed. Which keeps me up late, and keeps me hitting snooze! I’m trying though because if I’m going to complete my book, it will only be in those 5 am hours!

    • Oh, my goodness. I would not call you a failure at all!! Having 3 kids is a full-time job plus overtime! I’m so glad that you make time with your husband a priority. What a great example for those of us who are newlyweds! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’m the worst in the mornings. I typically wake up at 5am-ish for work, but SO not happy about it. Still working on the attitude!

    Keep up the awesomeness!

    • Thank you! I think that waking up with a purpose makes the difference! Even if your purpose is to still go to work. :) What if you added a morning devotional to your wake-up routine? My husband & I read “Jesus Calling” every morning & it serves as a peaceful pause before our days get started. Would something like that work? :)

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