UPDATE: Debt Free Christmas


Hi friends!

I have an exciting update for you regarding our Debt Free Christmas goal! But first, here’s the back story.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been completely torn about attending Jon Acuff’s super awesome and amazing START Conference while still tackling our debt. My internal struggle went something like this:

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Dance Dance Party


Hello, everyone!

A really cool thing happened this weekend. One of our #StartExp assignments was this:

Day 13: Build Your Soundtrack

Every dream needs a soundtrack. Today’s task is to share one song that is one yours in the Facebook group. Love techno? Have an unknown indie song that gets you up in the morning? Share it using #StartExp!

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Wednesday: A perfect storm

(What a beautiful painting! via)

Hi friends!

I hope everyone is having a great week! :) Today is predicted to be a crazy good one for me because a “perfect storm” of an evening will begin once I get off work.

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START Week 1: Recap & Reevaluation


Last week was a great Week 1 of START! Here’s a recap of what happened:

I blogged most days, swam 3x and registered for the creative class for my blog.

Our group elected me as leader and I’m really excited to be in direct contact with someone at The Lampo Group (read: nerd-out). My main responsibility will be to gather and send her weekly updates about our group’s progress. Continue reading

Our Church

Hi friends!

I hope you’re all having a nice Sunday morning! We received all of our wedding photos this week and I’m so excited to sort through them! The ones that are especially beautiful to me are those of our church, St. Paul Lutheran. We had minimal decorations for the ceremony (thanks, Mom!) so as to not take away from the architectural beauty of the building (as if that’s even possible).

Check out a few of my faves!

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My small victory this week



{not to be confused with a Starbucks VIA}  ;)

Hi friends!

I wanted to share a small victory I had this week! After a loooong day at work, it was still raining outside, I was tired, hungry, a little cranky (still love you, #startexp & #5Club), and I still needed to get my hair cut that evening. In the battle of my mind, I fought with myself about getting something at the Starbucks so I could “make it through” the next hour or so. Continue reading

Beware the beauty

Yesterday was my first morning back in the pool. It was beautiful! It felt great to jump back in the water (I used to tiptoe in. Very non-adult-like.). I swam my heart out until I could swim no more and felt those glorious 10 minutes for the rest of my day! I loved feeling that first slow-mo swan dive and the first sprint down the lane.

But, let’s be honest about what really happened yesterday…


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Great news, everyone!!

God is growing the financial seeds He’s been telling me to plant. A friend of mine told me about how she and her husband are finally opening up to each other about money. Her family has been on my mind and my heart for over a year and the Holy Spirit is starting to move within them. She’s always heard me say “Dave says this” and “Dave says that” and I was sooo excited when she told me her news {I almost cried; ok, I kind of did}. Continue reading


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Our New Money Goal

Hi friends,

I hope you all had a great Sunday! Jerod and I had our mid-month budget meeting today and I’m still amazed by how the more we talk about finances, the easier it gets! I probably get more excited about this meeting than he does {read, FPU Nerd}, but at least he’s a willing participant! That being said, we’ve come up with a new goal & I’d love to share it with you!

Debt Free Christmas

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