Weird wedding dreams


Ok, brides and brides-to-be, the weird wedding dreams have stopped for now, but I am 100% confident that they will return. Here is a rough list of mine so far:

The Ex-Boyfriends
These are expected, right? My brain is going through the list of every Mr. who was not Right. Some are repeat offenders based on the depth of the previous relationship. Some are just as annoying in my dreams as they were in person. I woke up one night saying “Of course he would say that my ring wasn’t good enough!!” Ugh.

The Dress
I was stressed about ordering a dress from Recycled Bride that might not fit {read: 2 inches too small to save $600+ = Hopeful Winning}. The result: A nightmare that I received two totally different dresses than what was expected. Eeeek!

The Food
One pizza and one lasagna were ordered to cater the reception that will seat 200.

The Cakes
Our wedding cake was a single sheet {feeding maybe 15} and the groom’s cake was forgotten. Frantically, a chocolate cake was ordered while people collected shotgun shells. I may or may not have been the owner of the shotgun…

What pre-wedding nightmares have you had?


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