Rule of three

I always hear people always say that things “come in threes.” Good things, bad things, other things. This week’s threesome is brought to some of us by hospitals in Atlanta, Irving, and Fort Worth.

Atlanta, Georgia
My grandmother’s hip replacement surgery was successful, praise God. Now onward down the road to recovery! Flowers will deliver on Thursday.

Irving, Texas
A dear friend from work gave birth to a healthy baby girl this morning. Mom, Dad, and baby are doing wonderfully! Flowers will deliver tomorrow.

Fort Worth, Texas
The father of one of my best friends is going in for a triple-bypass this morning. This is news came out of left field and is distracting because #1, he’s her father and #2, he’s like a second father to me. Prayers are continuous and greatly appreciated! Get well flowers TBD.

These are all firm reminders that God is in control, not us. What a beautiful boundary by which we can grow in our trust in Him. The best “thing” that comes in three? The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

What have your tests of faith been for this week?



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