Racing passed 8

Well last week I passed the $8,000 mark on my student loans. I thought passing $10,000 was fun…but now? I can’t wait to know what it feels like to hit $5,000, $3,000, then $0,000! In honor of this mile marker, here are 8 reasons I want to get out of debt & stay out:

  1. I want to start keeping that monthly payment!
  2. Starting a marriage off debt-free {or thisclose to it} has powerful momentum. We will be able to save for so much (house, retirement, then college) instead of owing it.
  3. Starting a family debt-free has powerful momentum for our future children: Win with money & they’ll follow in our footsteps. We don’t want them to have a life of payments.
  4. I’d rather be paying for plane tickets and cruises instead of sending Sallie Mae on them. :)
  5. I can help more people once I am debt-free. My budget will be opened up to so many possibilities for God to help others through me.
  6. I can buy a Debt-Free sticker or license plate for my car. :)
  7. The sooner I pay off my debt, the soon I can start saving to move into our new home in May 2013. ♥
  8. So one Debt Free Friday we can drive to financial Peace Plaza in Nashville, Tennessee and yell “WE’RE DEBT FREEEEEE!” with other families.

This journey is so fun! I need to continue to pray for patience & knowledge on the way to the finish line.

What race are you running to win?



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