The 14-year movie

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Well, it finally happened: Jerod & I are engaged! ♥

Some of you have been watching this movie for 14 years. One of you “called it” the day we met at his 16th birthday pool party. Some of you have only been watching it for a few years, but can recite the story from the beginning. Many of you finally had hope when we started dating 2+ years ago. Many of you witnessed the proposal last Saturday with family & friends. Thank you so much for being there for us. :)

“That’s all cute & good, May, but how did he do it? Get on with it!”

Ok, ok. The engagement conversation started a few months ago when we went ring hunting. We went everywhere from name brand jewelers to pawn shops to many a website. All the stores had lovely rings, but not all of them had reasonable prices. One day on our way to the last store, Jerod & I discussed an optimal price for an engagement ring: something that would be in the middle of practical & stunning.

Insert short financial rant below:
I used to be a 2-month salary kind of girl, but Financial Peace University changed my way of thinking: Value the quality of your relationship above the quantity paid for the ring. Why go $10,000 into debt because you can’t see passed the dollar amount that other people care about & focus on what really matters? Time to shift priorities because it won’t stop at the ring.
Off my soap box now. :)

“Got it! Please continue while we eat our popcorn.”

While trying on rings, I noticed something completely different than what we’d been viewing. I love the simplicity of a solitaire, but just could not decide on a cut. What I noticed was a round cut vintage style ring with beautiful detail on all sides. I blushed at how excited I was once I tried it on! I wouldn’t take it off. Jerod had to pry it off my finger in order to inspect it. When we saw the price, I got even more excited because we finally found something beautiful and attainable. We said that we were Dave Ramsey fans who pay cash for everything & the price was knocked down to the number agreed upon in the car. Wow. God was listening for sure. Jerod has more clarity about what happened next, but I know I was rushed off so he could go to “work.” He dropped me off then apparently went to the bank, then back to the store to negotiate some more. Patience, research, & paying cash really does pay off. I honestly had no idea for 2 months whether or not he bought the ring. But I sure did wonder… ?

“Awesome! What happened next? And please pass the nachos.”

Lots of waiting, wishing, & hoping. Two months later my dad drove up from Corpus Christi for what I thought would be his birthday weekend. Jerod planned a big party for him as a great way for our families & close friends to get acquainted. I admit, I was a little suspicious, but knew there was a 50/50 chance of a proposal. My girlfriends were very patient as I emotionally went back & forth about what was ahead. Little did I know that Jerod was also on the phone with them asking what I was telling them. So sneaky! ♥

I did everything a suspicious girl would do: I got my hair done, my nails done, & bought a new dress. Jerod encouraged a new dress & split the cost with me. I had a price in mind, but would not stop talking about the price of a more expensive one I really liked. He may have just done that to get me to stop complaining because I’m such a stickler.

I didn’t get butterflies in my stomach until I set foot at Memaw’s house. She’s the matriarch of the Bohon clan & is the only one who has enough room to host family events. Frying fish is an art form for Jerod’s family & they’ve really spoiled my eating it anywhere else. The rest is all a blur.

Here is what I think happened: We mingled, ate, I told my friends how nervous I was, they smiled, I tried to talk to everyone…then Jerod got up to make an announcement. He thanked everyone for joining us to celebrate a birthday, but that there was a different reason for our gathering. He unveiled a wall of photos he gathered from our friendship-turned-courtship, then uncovered a *lovingly* decorated table with more photos, decorations, & mason jars (LOVE) including one particularly small mason jar filled with white sand. He was so handsome in his (also) new outfit & shaking as he got down on one knee in front of me. I’m pretty sure he said “Will you marry me?” followed by his handing me the ring. I remember handing it back (also shaking) & saying “You’re supposed to put it on my finger!” with a big ole grin. My friends said I kept repeating “thank you!thankyou1thankyou!” util someone had to yell “What did she say?” in order for me to say YES!

YES lead to a kiss, a hug, then a swarm of ooh’s, aah’s, & photos. I felt like a pinball being passed around for photos. Despite the overwhelming amount of attention received, I am so blessed that everyone was there. ♥ I remember Jerod turning to me as if to block out everyone else & say “Hey there…how are you feeling?” Such a sweety. ♥

Less than a week later, we’ve hit the ground running on plans! I’ve changed colors a few times already & will look back later & laugh at myself for it. We’re looking forward to a fun & busy year leading up to the next chapter God has planned for us.

Thank you to everyone for being a part of our past, present, & future.

May & Jerod


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